Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Illinois Veterans & Community Classroom Project
Students as Digital Historians

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About Feature Videos

IVCCP is proud to be able to feature past winning student produced projects.  These personal veterans' documentary interviews were filmed, researched, narrated, edited and produced by Illinois Students from grades 6 to 12 grade.  In addition, students are required to end their documentary with a personal reflection of the impact this project had on them personal.  Once posted, in the spring of that year over 70 plus newly produced documentaries go through three rounds of judging using a rigorous rubric and criteria.  Top projects receive monetary awards  at the May showcase event which is then return to their schools to assist in continuing the IVCC Project locally. NOTE:  Please keep in mind that these documentaries depict personal military experiences with student research, interpretive and reflective insights ;and therefore, may not be historically correct.  (Viewer Disclaimer - some of the  war images and/or personal military events depicted in these interviewers may be disturbing, violent or inappropriate for viewers or younger audiences.)

COPYRIGHT Disclaimer:  IVCCP Coordinators make every effort to ensure students follow copyright laws.  Copyright concerns should be sent to 

Featured Students' Project Videos

Screenshot 31:04 0 John Weber John Weber was a child on the home front during World War II. He had many different experiences throughout the war from rationing and blackouts to his... by Harlem #122 - Harlem High School | 1,014 views | 5 years ago
Screenshot 39:21 0 Bill Goodwin Bill Goodwin served in the 12th Infantry Division during the European theatre. He started off as a first scout and then rose to the position of staff ... by Harlem #122 - Harlem High School | 838 views | 5 years ago
Screenshot 19:05 0 Ron Harano Ron Harano moved to a Japanese Relocation Center as a young child with his family, all of who were of Japanese heritage. He spent the next three year... by Harlem #122 - Harlem High School | 1,122 views | 5 years ago
Screenshot 48:01 0 Iris Spencer Iris Spencer joined the Women's Army Corps at Fort Riley during World War II, where she was immediately assigned Assistant Sergeant major and later fu... by Harlem #122 - Harlem High School | 1,724 views | 5 years ago
Screenshot 33:40 0 Ingrid Gardner A story of a woman who grew up within the iron grasp of the Nazi party in her childhood. She recounts stories of near encounters with bombs, the chang... by Harlem #122 - Harlem High School | 704 views | 5 years ago
Screenshot 20:07 0 Joseph Leitschuh Joseph Leitschuh served in WWII as a Technician Fifth Grade in Company C 4th Ranger Infantry Battalion; 1st Ranger Infantry Battalion, 1st Special Ser... by Gillespie #7 - Gillespie High School | 2,267 views | 6 years ago
Screenshot 15:58 0 Harold Pankey Mr. Pankey's unit landed on Omaha Beach in the 3rd wave during the Normandy invasion on D-Day, June 6, 1944 and also fought in the Battle of the Bulge... by Reavis #220 - Reavis High School | 1,788 views | 6 years ago
Screenshot 26:49 0 Samuel Holiday Samuel Holiday served in the Marine Corps, 4th Marine Division, 25th Regiment, H & S Company. Holiday, along with all the Navajo Code Talkers, receiv... by Harlem #122 - Harlem High School | 955 views | 6 years ago