Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Illinois Veterans & Community Classroom Project
Students as Digital Historians

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Persian Gulf War Document Collections

Welcome to Persian Gulf War Document Collections - Documents such as veterans' diaries, correspondence, family memories, etc. are contained within these items.  These documents have been collected, researched, edited, organized and uploaded by Illinois students.  These students have collaborated with their teachers, families, communities and peers to respectfully present each of these collections.  Viewers need to keep in mind these are "student" projects" and therefore, the content may not be historically correct--they are considered personal memories presented with some student interpretation.

Viewer Disclaimer - Some of the  war images and/or personal military events depicted in these interviewers may be disturbing, violent or inappropriate for viewers or younger audiences.

COPYRIGHT Disclaimer:  IVCCP Coordinators make every effort to ensure students follow copyright laws.  Copyright concerns should be sent to

Persian Gulf War Written Narrative / Document Gallery

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